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Lemer Lashes Fluffy 25mm Mink Lashes  are the one with fluffy structure you can see the style, and the mink fur is fluffy, match the smokey eye very well. Who is different with the clear structure of the mink lashes. Most Fluffy Lashes Vendor dare not to produce these kind of lashes.

Most Fluffy Lashes Vendor dare not to produce these kind of lashes. Because they wont looks as good as the clear structure one, you customer can easily see the whole structure of the mink lashes , and make the purchase. But for the fluffy one, you can see the wholesale structure of the fluffy lashes , so most mink lashes vendor wont do this.

There are two kinds fluffy mink lashes in the market:

The first one is the worker make the 3D effect by mistake.
They cant control the 3D effect by themselves, and they even dont know its a beautiful mistake.

fluffy 25mm mink lashes vendors

The second one is designed by famous lashes designer.
The designer design it first ,and make the 3D mink lashes effect with multilayer effect.to make a beautiful eye make up. Which is easy wear ,soft and fluffy.

wholesale 6d fluffy mink lashes

Why More And More Choose Fluffy Lashes ?

  • First , more and more people would like to try new lashes. Yes , they are new. Most Mink Lashes Vendor cant do this kind of luxury mink lashes.6d mink eyelashes wholesale vendors
  • Second, market feedback. The craft is very complicated. More question welcome add WhatsApp 8618561610496 and we will show you all the details about how to make a perfect fluffy mink lashes.25mm 6d mink eyelashes vendors
  • In fact, that is very different to produce the fluffy mink lashes . Temperature and Time is the two key factory.wholesale eyelashes lashes vendors
  • More and more our Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor USA find us to produce the best fluffy fluffy lashes to meet the market. So we can design for our customer and produce the best mink fluffy 25mm mink lashes for them to open the market.25mm mink lashes vendors usa

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