How To Choose The Right Eyelashes For Your Eye Shape

How To Choose The Right Eyelashes For Your Eye Shape

We all know how important it is to have a pair of beautiful eyes. The eyes are the windows in our hearts, it makes us look more sexy, confident and extraordinary, with so many eyelash styles and so many eye shapes, so we always try to find 3D eyelashes that fit our eyes and buy the perfect style. Because we know that we can find eyelashes for ourselves. In order not to frustrate everyone, because they can’t find their own eyelashes, we did a series of research, wrote this blog, and made the eyelashes suitable for all kinds of eyes. The guide will help you choose the eyelash that best suits your eyes. Of course, you can choose what you think is best for your personal style and what you are most comfortable with. So don’t say too much, let’s take a look!

Deep eyes
With amazing eyebrows under your eyes, you have the flexibility to choose eyelashes with more eyelashes. I recommend that our eyelashes have a longer length, density and volume, because deep eyes can carry it so beautifully and best praise them.

Round eyes
For my round-eyed baby, we want to stretch and balance those bright big eyes. Long, curly thin eyelashes will do this! Round eyes, you want to expand your eye shape by creating a sexy, multi-layered, huge effect and increasing the length of the corners. Create the ultimate cat’s eye effect and longer eye illusion. Here are my suggestions for eyelashes that will definitely balance your eyes:

Almond eyes
Almond eyes are very versatile. They have a little bit at both ends and a wide point in the center of the eye. Most styles will praise this shape, so it all depends on your appearance. Consider all eyelash games for almond eyes. However, this is the natural and gorgeous look of my recommended eyelashes.

Hooded eyes
If you hooded eyes, this means that your creases will have more skin. We want to create a depth effect that opens the center of the eye and gives it the illusion of a bigger, brighter eye. You want to choose eyelashes to achieve this illusion in a longer, longer center style. The best mink eyelashes style for this effect is recommended below.

Monocular eyes
For monocular eyes (no visible creases), mink eyelashes can make this aesthetic difference. Mink eyelashes give the eyes an awakening effect, emphasizing it like everyone else. Since monocular eyes typically have natural straight eyelashes, my suggested style would be a pattern with a greater degree of opening and length at the outer corners to create the illusion of an elongated eye shape. Following styles:

Closed eyes
For close-up eyes, the inner corner of the eye is close to your nose. To highlight your eye shape, you should focus on highlighting the outer corner to lift and lengthen your eyes. The eyelash style and lift you want to achieve this length are styles with longer eyelash lengths from center to end. The best eyelash style to achieve this look is:

Downturned eyes
For downturned eyes ladies, we want to extend the outer corners of the eyes and create lengths along the eyeliner. There is no doubt that you will have the perfect eye shape to attract attention, sweetness and a wide cat’s eye appearance; attract the attention of the recommended look. I recommend using the following styles to enhance and balance the appearance of the eyelashes.

Prominent eyes
With prominent eyes, your eyes are big, bright, seductive! The eyelash style uses natural, short to medium length lashes to give your eyes a light and stunning effect. We want to emphasize that cute lash line. I recommend the following styles for a natural and gorgeous look:

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